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The Stanley Medical Journal (SMJ, P-ISSN 2394-3637 & E-ISSN 2455–5088 ), an official publication from the Govt.Stanley Medical College & Hospital ,Chennai , Tamil Nadu , India by Stanley alumini association - is a peer-reviewed publication. The issues are published Quarterly.

The journal publishes original Research articles/ Case Reports /Scientific papers focusing on Anatomy , Physiology , Pharmacology , Pathology , Biochemistry , Opthalmology , ENT , Community Medicine, Public health, General Medicine , Surgery , Obstetrics & Gynaecology , Paediatrics , Cardiology and other specialties ; and invites annotations, comments, and review papers on recent advances, editorial correspondence, news and book reviews.

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Govt. Stanley Medical College & Hospital:

The seed for this institution was sown as early as 1740 but it was in 1938 that it was fully institutionalised as a Medical College. Hence with over 75 years of heritage its one of the oldest medical colleges in Tamil Nadu.

The College is associated with the well known Government Stanley Hospital which has 2500 beds for in-patient treatment. The hospital has an out-patient attendance of around 6000 patients per day and having facilities for 2500 in-patient treatment . This college is embeded with a 8-story surgical complex, 6-story dedicated medical complex, Plastic surgery block, Dedicated gastroenterology block, Superspeciality block and a separate pediatrics block with all specialities under one roof. RSRM hospital is also attached for obstetric and Gyneacological care.

The three well known departments of Stanley Medical Hospitals are Surgical Gastroenterology, Urology and the Institute of Hand Rehabilitation and Plastic Surgery. The Institute for Research and Rehabilitation of Hand and the Department of Plastic Surgery (IRRH & DPS) are among the best centers in Southeast Asia. The Department of Surgical Gastroenterology was the first in India to perform a successful liver transplant, under the leadership of Dr. R.P. Shanmugam, Surgical Gastroenterologist and the first among Hospitals/ Hospital Departments in India to obtain the ISO 9001 certification. This college is one of the leading organ transplantation institutes in the state. A state of the art skin bank has also been established.

Publisher - Stanley Alumini Association:

Stanley Alumini Association is one of the most active associations which includes eminent alumini's sprawled throughout the world. It was registered as a society in 2003 with Reg.No: 84/2003 under the Tamil Nadu Societies Act 1975.

The Association encourages academic events, publications, research among the medical students and faculties.


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Views expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect those of the Stanley Medical Journal. All statements, opinions expressed in the manuscripts are those of the authors and not of the editors(s) or publishers. The editors(s) and publishers disclaim any responsibility for such material. The editors(s) and publishers also do not guarantee, warrant or endorse any product or service advertised in the journal nor do they guarantee any claim made by the manufacturer of such product or service.


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Stanley Medical Journal is an Official Publication from Govt.Stanley Medical College , Chennai , Tamil Nadu India.
It was launched in September 2014 and is a quarterly online only publication.


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