Empower 2015 Surgery Workshop

2015 - September

The first day of Empower was loaded with various workshops that included ECG, Surgery, Orthopedics, Radiology, Stem Cell, Molecular Diagnosis, etc. Live surgical workshop and hands on suture technique training was one of a kind. Even if it was in the afternoon session but the delegates were so enthusiastic as well as the faculties who were heading them, Dr. G Chandrasekhar, Assistant Professor, Surgery Department, Stanley Medical College and Dr. Vinayak Senthil. Delegates were first shown the demo of proper methods of handling the equipment and then they were even shown various techniques in suturing. The delegates even tried their hand on a Skin pad with various suture material and instruments. It was very enthusiastic session which attracted every single soul through the delicate way of handling a cut during the suturing process.

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Empower 2015 Orthopedics Workshop

2015 - September

Empower is the annual International Medical Conference conducted by the Stanley Medical College. It is not just a word but the grand success which includes 'N' number of emotions!!! ' Little drops of water makes an ocean' just like the saying goes efforts and hard work of many faculties the organizing student volunteers and many participating delegates did pull of the show with vibrant waves. They say human body has 206 bones but whatever amount of knowledge we gained from the workshop has no number. The workshop was headed by Dr. Selvaraj, HOD Orhtopedics Sugery, Stanley Medical College. The workshop aimed at training students how to put proper POP after proper aligning a bone in a fracture, and live demo was also given to the students. Along with that how to properly suture a tendon was also shown to the students and the delegates also tried their skills with the sheep tendon that was given to them. The workshop was at the end well appreciated by the delegates because of their involvement and the faculties involvement in inculcating the proper methods of doing the various procedures.

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Stanley Medical College Introduction Video

2015 - June

The seed for this institution was sown as early as 1740 but it was in 1938 that it was fully institutionalised as a Medical College. Hence with over 75 years of heritage its one of the oldest medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. The College is associated with the well known Government Stanley Hospital which has 1280 beds for in-patient treatment. The hospital has an out-patient attendance of around 5000 patients per day. A unique feature is its 8-story surgical complex equipped to perform up to 40 surgeries simultaneously, and a separate pediatrics block with all specialities under one roof. RSRM hospital is also attached for obstetric and Gyneacological care. A modern 7 story medicine complex has been constructed and is operational from 2014. The three well known departments of Stanley Medical Hospitals are Surgical Gastroenterology, Urology and the Institute of Hand Rehabilitation and Plastic Surgery. The Institute for Research and Rehabilitation of Hand and the Department of Plastic Surgery (IRRH & DPS) are among the best centers in Southeast Asia. The Department of Surgical Gastroenterology was the first in India to perform a successful liver transplant, under the leadership of Dr. R.P. Shanmugam, Surgical Gastroenterologist and the first among Hospitals/ Hospital Departments in India to obtain the ISO 9001 certification. The Department of Urology performs up to fifty kidney transplants a year

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Integrated Intercollegiate Stars Quiz (2015)

2015 - April

The final year students and the interns brush, rush and crush their brains, with this epic quiz of three subjects Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, and SPM. The Department Of Community Medicine conducted this Integrated Quiz with students and interns of various different colleges. Our Respected Dean mam, Head of Department of OG and SPM honored us with their presence.

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Stan Quiz Extrico (2015) Anatomy

2015 - March

Extrico initially was a sapling of the tree that finally spread it roots to the two other Departments of first year i.e Anatomy and Biochemistry. Students of 2012 batch conducted the quiz and continuing the tradition 2013 batch students successfully conducted the quiz for first year students. Our Respected Dean mam, Vice Principal Mam, HOD of Anatomy department and HOD of Surgery department honored the event with their presence. The trophy went to Pradeep P, Nag Aravind and Varshini.

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Stan Quiz Extrico (2015) Physiology

2015 - February

Extrico was conducted in order to inculcate the quizzing spirit among the First Year students who have just stepped into their professional course. Yearly event conducted by Physiology Department. Respected Dean Mam, the Vice Principal Mam and HOD Sir honoured the event with their presence. The first prize was won by Sanjeev Kumar, Pradeep P, Leena Jenet

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