2017 - Volume 4 - Issue 4

Efficacy Of FNAC In Diagnosis Of Thyroid Disease And Its Comparison With Histopathology

Original article

Rajeswaran. A , Poonkodi. N, Mathews. M, Prasanth. D

A Clinical Study On Perianal Abscess

Original article

P. Mathusoothanan, E.V.Rhutu Venugopal

Comparison Of Efficacy Of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Vs Conventional Normal Saline Dressing In Diabetic Foot

Original article

A.K.Rajenderan, Arun Babu , Kumaresan , Raja Chandrasekar , Gnana Sezhian

Cervical Lymph Node Metastases Of Carcinoma From Unknown Primary (CUPS): Characteristics And Treatment Results : Experience In Our Institution

Original article

Kanmani Velarasan. S , Deivanayagam

A Study On Post RT Thyroid Failure In Neck Irradiation In Locally Advanced Head And Neck Cancer.

Original article

Poonkodi. N , Rajeswaran. A

Comparative Study On Conventional Versus Hypofractionated Radiotherapy In Locally Advanced Head And Neck Cancer

Original article

Poonkodi.N, P K Baskar , Praveengeeth

Clinical Characteristics Of Patients With Cervical Cancers In Our Institution – Tirunelveli Medical College And Hospital, Regional Cancer Center

Original article

Kanmani Velarasan. S, Deivanayagam Ramasundaram

Evaluation Of The Benefits Of Administrating Concomitant Pilocarpine In Preventing Xerostomia During Radiotherapy

Original article

C. Sundaresan, P.K.Baskar

Efficacy Of Ormeloxifene In The Medical Management Of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Original article

S. Vijaya, , M. Mahalakshmi

Evaluation Of Thyroid Dysfunction In Women With Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Chennai, South India

Original article

Hema Vaithianathan, Tony Fredrick, Murali Ramamoorthy , Yuvaraj Jayaraman , Joseph k David

Prediction Of Perinatal Outcome By Triple Vessel Wave Pattern By Doppler Studies In Normal And High Risk Pregnancies

Original article

Kalaivani Kannaiyan, Geethalakshmi Arumugam, Anandhi Alavandar

Study Comparing The Efficacy Of Visual Inspection Magnification/Pap Smear/Colposcopy And Hisopathology In Detecting Cervical Pathology In Asymptomatic Women

Original article

Geethalakshmi Arumugam, Kalaivani Kannaiyan

A Study Of Sternal Wound Infections In Post Cardiac Surgery Patients In Teritary Care Centre

Original article

Sanjeev Pandian.R , Dhamodharan.K , Sriram Christopher

Reconstructive Challenges In Mammalian Bite Injuries

Original article

G.S. Radhakrishnan, M.Sugumar, L. Asha Valantine

Clinical And Electroencephalographic Profile Of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy In A Tertiary Care Center

Original article

Raja K S, Malcolm Jeyaraj K , Sakthivelayutham S , Sowmini P R , Gobinathan S

Screening For Thyroid Dysfunction In Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus

Original article

Geetha. S , G.Prakash , Elanchezhian. JAE , Prasanna Kumar. P , Harinidevi. JKA , Manimala. M

Analysis Of The HPA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal) Axis Perioperatively In Patients Who Underwent Transsphenoidal Surgery For Pituitary Adenomas With A Normal Preoperative HPA Axis

Original article

Ramya Niranjan, G.Kannan

Age-Specific Reference Range For Serum Prostate Specific Antigen In South Indian Men

Original article


A Rare Case Of Pleural Metastasis Of Papillary Adenocarcinoma Of Thyroid

Case Report

Dakshinamurthy B , V Vinod Kumar , R Sridhar

An Uncommon Adverse Effect Of A Common Drug- DRESS Syndrome-Not Just Skin Deep !!-

Case Report

P.Anitha , R.Sasitharan , S.K . Chithambara Thanu , G Kannan , S.Elayaraja , Latha Ravichandran , P.Umapathy


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