Adeno tonsillectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures throughout the world for children . Tonsillectomy has been described using a number of techniques ,Coblation tonsillectomy is a new surgical technique and demands further research to be proven as a suitable and standard method of tonsillectomy. This study assess the efficacy and safety of coblation adeno tonsillectomy as compared to dissection method.
Prospective study to systemically analyze the advantages of conventional (Dissection and snare method ) Tonsillectomy Versus Coblation Tonsillectomy with regards to Intra operative Time, Intra operative B lood Loss and Post-Operative Pain and outcomes
Methods and Material:
In this prospective study information on operation time, intra operative blood loss, postoperative pain, time needed to regain the normal diet and activity and postoperative hemorrhage were gathered and compared between two groups containing 25 patients in each group , conventional group I and coblation group II.
Mean range for intra operative time was 27 .52(± .62) for conventional and 18. 44(± .70) for the coblation with the T stat of 9.694. Among the intra operative blood loss ,for conventional tonsillectomy it was in the range of 35.5 to 62.5 with mean of 46.27 and for coblation tonsillectomy it was in the range of 20 to 39 with the mean of 27.17. 20 patients in group I had moderate pain and 15 patients in group II encountered moderate pain with chi square value of 12.38 with a P value of 0.002
This study revealed a significantly less intra operative or postoperative complications and morbidity in coblation tonsillectomy in comparison with traditional method. Coblation was associated with less pain and quick return to normal diet and daily activity. Coblation method was found to be SUPERIOR to conventional method using systemic criteria based prospective analysis


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